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Actuartech covers a range of technology trends including Robotics Process Automation, Data analysis, Machine Learning and AI as well as providing information on Actuarial software and educational materials.

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Introduction An insurance company receives premiums, manages reserves and pays out claims. Traditionally actuaries have been using the claim data to assist them with calculations of premiums and reserves and to perform actual versus expected claims comparisons. Today we are also seeing how actuaries are playing a more prominent...
Introduction Depending on an insurer’s ultimate financial reporting operating model goals various solution options could be utilised to address IFRS 17 compliance requirements. Many insurers are considering developing an actuarial & accounting control tower from which to calculate, analyse, control and ultimately develop insights into the financial performance of...
Introduction A huge increase in data generation, data capture and data storage combined with significantly increased computing power is providing life insurers with a unique opportunity to re-evaluate the value that their data can provide. Customer Needs It is well known that customers do not respond well to offers...