About Us

We are the home of actuarial technology for insight, training and networking.

We are Actuartech, designed to help actuaries make sense of the impact that technological advances will have on our roles and our organisations.

Actuartech covers a range of technology trends including Robotics Process Automation, Data analysis, Machine Learning and AI as well as provide information on Actuarial software and educational information and materials.

We empower actuaries with the necessary skills and toolkits to become the strategic voice of their organisations.



Meet the Team

Valerie – Fellow Actuary

Valerie du Preez, FIA, a specialist financial services management consultant that brings a fresh innovative take on traditional consultancy by including modern day tools and techniques within their toolkit to effect change. She works with insurers and start-ups to drive change and to ensure optimal performance of people, processes and systems within an actuarial context. valeriedupreez@dupro.co.uk



Sophie – Personal Assistant

Sophie is a freelance private Personal Assistant with over 8 years of Private PA and Corporate PA experience, working for businesses such as Harrods and Hilton Worldwide. With clients based across the globe, Sophie now largely works virtually offering a discrete service tailored specifically for her client’s individual needs and requirements. host@dupro.co.uk

Michael – Fellow Actuary

Michael Jordan, FASSA/CERA, specialised in Enterprise Risk Management and Investment Strategy. He has a love for technology and explaining how complex systems work. michaeljordan@dupro.co.uk